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  • 95% of employers say hosting an HCC intern is a good return on investment.

  • 70% of interns were offered a job or extended internship with their host organizations.

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HCC Interns support advance your priority projects, your diversity goals, and become part of your talent pipeline.

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 Gain experience, exposure, and mentorship through our paid summer internship. Apply now! Deadline December 20, 2017.

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  • testimonial

    Alfonso Molina

    "I am very appreciative of this opportunity…I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with health organizations and industries that collaborate to provide health services to the community. Thank you to HCC and my preceptor for this experience."

  • testimonial

    John Cheng

    "My experience was absolutely amazing. I was able to meet and connect with leaders in the health policy field. My HCC experience taught me that there is more than one way to achieve your career goals, and this impacted how I thought about how I can achieve my goals."

  • testimonial

    Cori Floyd

    "HCC has given me the opportunity to explore new aspects of public health and connect with a community that is invested in building a forward-thinking, comprehensive health industry. This experience also contributed to my professional and personal growth."

  • testimonial

    Marcel Morales

    "Through the comprehensive development training and mentoring that HCC provides, I am now more equipped and motivated to pursue my authentic career path."

  • testimonial

    Monica Mitchell

    "This internship has given me a lot of valuable insight into the world of Public Health, which I knew little about beforehand. I have learned a lot about what I want in a career based on this experience... and I hope to work in healthcare administration."

  • testimonial

    Keziah Imbeah

    "HCC has been pivotal in the way that I think about a career in public health. Through my internship … I now have mentors and real world experience that have been invaluable. It has definitely been my most rewarding summer experience."

About HCC

HCC connects organizations in all health sectors with talented and diverse future health professionals and leaders.

We inspire and empower interns and alumni with real world exposure, experience, mentoring and networking that assists them in achieving their goals, while supporting host organizations to meet their workforce, diversity, community health and other priority goals.

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HCC connects diverse and talented students to
employers, graduate and health professions schools, and health career pathway initiatives.


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