Selection Process

Selection Process


Health Career Connection attracts talented, diverse undergraduates and recent college graduates who have a demonstrated commitment to health care, public health, and/ or working with underserved communities. HCC has designed a rigorous process to select interns and find the best fit between their talents, passions, and goals and host organizations needs and learning opportunities. This process has resulted in consistently high satisfaction among both interns and host organizations.

ANNOUNCEMENT:Application now open! Deadline is December 7, 2016.


HCC supports undergraduate students and recent college graduates interested in:

Public health disciplines

  • Health services administration and management
  • Health policy and advocacy
  • Health education and behavior change
  • Environmental health
  • Epidemiology
  • Nutrition
  • Public health informatics

Topical areas

  • Community health and health equity
  • Building healthy communities
  • Medicine, nursing, and dentistry combined with public health
  • Health finance
  • Health information technology
  • Analysis of big data
  • Human resources

HCC does not provide clinical or research experience though we welcome students with these interests combined with one of our priority areas and/or open to exploring health career alternatives, or placement opportunities provide experience and exposure in the public health field.



Online Application

HCC staff carefully reviews applications to determine a good fit with both the HCC Program and placement opportunities.Online application includes:

  • Application questions
  • Resume or CV
  • Statement of Purpose



HCC Interview

HCC staff interview selected applicants in each region to further assess interests, motivationses, and talents.


Host Organization Interview

A select group of candidates are sent to interview with potential placement sites.


Final Placement

HCC gathers and analyzes feedback from host organizations and intern candidates. HCC makes final placement decisions feedback to make final matches based on fit.


HCC’s founders and staff have been placing interns for over 26 years. Based on our experience, we use a combination of factors to select interns using a holistic review process. Some of the key factors are:

  • Demonstrated interest and commitment to a health care and/or public health careers
  • Quality of fit with host organization expectations and opportunities
  • Content and quality of application’s Statement of Purpose
  • Educational experience including grade point average, health related coursework, and/or participation in pipeline or enrichment programs
  • Ability to work 10 consecutive weeks, full time (40 hours per week), during the internship
  • Diversity of the cohort- racial and ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, geographic, citizenship status, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Interest in and commitment to improving health for underserved populations
  • Leadership and initiative (experience in student organizations, clubs, student government, community organizing, etc.)
  • Geographic and transportation factors that enable interns to successfully complete the program