Health Career Connection (HCC) is a national non-profit that connects organizations in all health sectors to talented and diverse future health leaders and professionals

Why Partner with HCC

For over 26 years, HCC’s innovative programs has connected health employers with over 2600 talented, underrepresented college students through internship, training, and mentorship opportunities. HCC’s program unlocks the passions and talents of its interns and channels them to advance the priority projects of partner organizations and the health of the communities they serve.

Health Career Connection’s internship program has been growing steadily as host organizations participate in our program year after year. Organizations find HCC interns to be highly capable, highly motivated, and skilled resources. Interns add productivity by enabling preceptors to do higher value-added tasks. They bring energy and fresh ideas along with their analytical, writing, and language skills. Projects that were on the backburner get started and others get additional resources. Hosting interns is also an excellent way to develop an organization’s recruiting pipeline and build loyalty of future employees. HCC places strong emphasis on providing opportunities to students of color and organizations hosting an HCC intern help increase diversity in healthcare professions.

Internship Overview

Host organization’s Role

  • Offer a full-time(40 hours/week), 10 week internship from June thorough August
  • Provide intern with Meaningful project & learning Opportunities
  • Dedicate a preceptor to provide guidance
  • Offer exposure to organizational leadership, collabration, operations, and decision- Making processes

HCC’s Role

  • Recurit, screen, and match interns with your organization
  • Manage structured intership program, which includes internship plan, deliverables, workshops, site visits
  • Coach and advise interns
  • Organize networking evernts
  • Provide continual monitoring and support throughout the summer
  • Evaluate

Connecting You to Talent

HCC identifies quality interns for your priority projects. Our regional staff work with you to:

  • Identify your project needs and intern qualifications, including technical skill set, writing ability, language, and more.
  • Identify 2-3 quality intern candidates for you to interview and rank
  • Places a talented intern with your organization, for 10 weeks during the summer
  • Helps coordinate general onboarding in compliance with your organization’s requirements