Alumni Network

Alumni Network

In 26 years, HCC has supported over 2,600 value driven health professionals and leaders launch their careers in healthcare and public health. Many HCC alums are attending top graduate health professions school prior or have obtained jobs or are pursuing career paths that enable them to make a powerful difference and “do well by doing good”. Whether serving as physicians, public health practitioners, hospital CEO (alumni Ike Mmeje is CEO of Doctors Hospital of Manteca), community-based organization founder (alumni John Pineda and HCC Preceptor Juan Gomez co-founded MILPA), health technology startup founder  (alumni Rubi Sanchez founded Wearaless Tech, Inc.), or city council woman (HCC Alumni Anayeli Zavala), our alumni network is made up of influential and value driven leaders who who are making meaningful
impact on health organizations, communities, and the field.

Examples of HCC alumni jobs and careers:

  • Vice-President, The Permanente Medical Group
  • Quality Analyst, San Francisco, General Hospital
  • Assistant Vice President, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, UCSF Medical Center
  • Administrative Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Mentoring Program Manager, Juvenile Justice Center
  • Senior Consultant, Patient Care Services, Kaiser Permanente
  • Research Assistant, UCSF Latino Center for Medical Education and Research
  • Resident in Family Medicine, UCLA
  • Evaluator, Safety Net Clinic Medical Home Project, University of Chicago
  • Decision Support Analyst, Newton Wellesley Hospital
  • Management Analyst, Kings County Medical Center
  • Director of Phlebotomy Services, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Planner, La Clinica de La Raza
  • Engagement Manager, McKinsey Consulting
  • Project Manager, La Maestra Health Centers
  • Executive Operations and Strategic Projects Coordinator, Office of the President, Trinity Health Systems
  • Patient Navigator, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
  • Project Manager, Massachusetts General Hospital

HCC Alumni Association

Recognizing the value that our network brings to HCC partners and alumni, HCC is working to amplify its impact by facilitating added programs and engagement opportunities through the HCC Alumni Association. Though this alumni leadership, the Association is furthering the mission of HCC by nurturing the growth and influence of a more diverse health workforce that reflects the demographic makeup and priorities of the communities of its members.

The HCC Alumni Association articulated mission is to support HCC alumni to achieve their goals, make a difference as effective health leaders and contribute to the success of HCC, fellow alumni and interns through:

  • Continuous career, professional development and mentorship support;
  • Fostering a powerful, connected family and community with valuable relationships and networking;
  • Opportunities to give back to HCC and others behind them in the health career pipeline.

To get learn more or get involved with the HCC Alumni Association, contact Alumni Relations Manager, Jimmy Jean-Baptiste at