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HCC is committed to
help students

find their full potential through rewarding health careers.


Health Career Connection (HCC) provides undergraduate students with:

HCC is dedicated to increasing opportunities for students from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds to discover and realize their full potential through rewarding health careers and to increase diversity in the health professions. We want to support students from all backgrounds to me more prepared and motivated to improve the health of underserved populations and provide quality, equitable service. HCC’s Comprehensive Summer Internship Program is the primary way we support and provide opportunity for students.

HCC’s paid, 10 week summer internship program includes

  • The practical exposure, work experience, mentoring they need to choose and successfully purse the health or public health career that best suits them.
  • The knowledge, skills and connections to help students know how to get from where they are to where they want to be and to be more confident that they will succeed.
  • Professional and leadership development to become effective health leaders and professionals
  • Mentoring from experienced health organization leaders and HCC team
  • Workshops with and connections to leading public health and medical schools
  • Peer and HCC alumni networking
  • Placement in a leading health organization aligned with student interests in one of HCC’s regions
  • Participation in a regional cohort with other interns who have similar passions and interests
  • Workshops on leadership, cultural competency, life and career planning, advocacy and graduate school preparation
  • Site visits to numerous different kinds of health organizations in the region
  • Connections to HCC alumni, graduate school partners and employers

The About Internships page describes the summer health internship process and rationale for meeting its goal of providing mentorship of students, organizational expertise, leadership experience, and other activities related to connecting promising and diverse student with resources and support.

What Former Interns Say describes the profound impact that the summer health internship program has had on selected students in HCC’s vast alumni network.

The Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ’s) lists answers to the most common inquiries of students and professionals. If you cannot find your question answered, please contact us so HCC can best respond to your inquiry.

Our resources section will describe many of the potential health career options available. Special emphasis is placed on the increasing number of opportunities in health administration, policy, and community health. To stay consistent with HCC’s mission, this section will provide timely opportunities to gain work experience and other forms of practical exposure relevant to increasing the health professions pipeline, diversification of the health professions, and development of the public health and healthcare workforce. Visitors can view an index of valuable website links to other useful health career information, opportunities, and networks.