Internship Overview

Get Inspired. Get Connected. Succeed!

Application for summer 2018 now open!

Informed by our Approach, HCC offers a comprehensive paid summer internship program for talented, diverse undergraduate students and recent college graduates that provides them with invaluable experience, exposure, mentoring, training, and networking to pursue health careers. HCC program includes:

Experiential Learning Interns are placed in paid, full-time summer internships, contribute to meaningful projects, and hone their professional skills. This is an educational experience designed to complement students’ academic learning, and empower students to succeed in and complete college.

Mentorship HCC apprenticeship model pairs each intern to a dedicated preceptor and facilitates intern connections to our extensive network of partners. Interns also receive mentorship from HCC team.

Exposure and Exploration Interns learn about the inner workings of health organizations, gain broader perspective on the health field and career options through internship placement, networking events, site tours, and career exploration resources.

Professional Development HCC trains interns on key health topics such as health advocacy, cultural humility and competency, and career development topics, including life and career planning, graduate school preparation, professional networking, and leadership.

Peer Support and Network HCC fosters a supportive community among interns within and across regions who share similar interests, passions and career decision dilemmas but come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Interns are also connected with HCC’s 2600+ member alumni network as well as HCC partner health professions schools in public health and medicine.