How to Contribute

How to Contribute

HCC provides an invaluable program that benefits diverse students, health organizations, and the communities they serve. Each year, the demand for HCC’s program grows with many capable students turned away and numerous underfunded health organizations unable to offer this opportunity to local student–we won’t settle for that reality. With your support, HCC will expand opportunities to deserving students and organizations that focus on improving the health underserved communities. You can make a difference in the following ways:

Host HCC Interns

The cornerstone of HCC’s success is the dedication of organizations and preceptors to host HCC interns.  Hosting an intern is a very rewarding personal and professional experience. HCC offers a turnkey solution that is a simple way to add capacity and selective talents for your priority projects. Visit our Host Organization page [add link] to learn more about the value of hosting HCC interns.

Provide Core Operating Support

HCC’s organizational development and core operations have been supported by program fees paid by host organizations and by contributions for core operating support. Our founding sponsors [link to sponsors], The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, The Eustace-Kwan Family Foundation and individuals have provided core operating support that has catalyzed our growth and impact. Contact us contact Mai Mai Cantos at to learn how your investment can enhance our service, capacity and scale.


HCC is always looking for inspiring individuals and health professionals to volunteer as , mentor, speaker, workshop leader or to help operate our programs. If you’d like to serve as a volunteer, please use the General Support form to convey your interest.


HCC also welcomes individual and organizational donations to support  our mission of diversifying the health professions. Your contribution enables HCC to offer career launching and, at times, life changing opportunities to deserving students. Join us in this effort!

Sponsor Interns

Many organizations [link to partner page] and individuals provide funding for interns in organizations that are unable to pay but are capable of offering a life changing experience to HCC intern working to improve the health of underserved communities. Interns funded through sponsor support work in community health centers, public health departments, advocacy organizations, public hospitals, pipeline programs or community based organizations. To sponsor HCC interns, contact Mai Mai Cantos at

In-Kind Support

Your in-kind support can go a long way in supporting HCC’s mission. If you are able to provide valuable in-kind support, such as space and speakers for workshops, recruitment of students, brochures, legal support, website development, event planning advice, facilities for HCC fundraising events, software etc, please contact contact Mai Mai Cantos at

Share Opportunities with our Network

If you have jobs, scholarships and other opportunities that will support the advancement of HCC interns and alumni, share it with us by emailing Jimmy Jean-Baptiste at