Apply to Host

Apply to Host

HCC Interns add talent to your priority workforce, diversity, and project goals. Confirming your participation is easy



  • Access to bright, motivated, and ethnically diverse talent
  • Effective, affordable resources for priority project
  • Advance your diversity and cultural competency initiatives
  • Powerful experience of being a mentor and support career aspirations
  • Provide opportunity for promising students from local communities
  • Leverage HCC’s turn-key, proven program that makes it easy and efficient for you to recruit, select, and manage top interns
  • Leverage HCC’s connection to regional and national career pathways as well as over 2600 alumni in our association


Your Role as Host Organization

  • Offer a full-time, 10-week internship experience
  • Provide intern with meaningful projects and learning opportunities
  • Dedicate a preceptor to provide guidance and mentorship
  • Offer exposure to leadership, structure, operations and decisions
  • Fund the cost of HCC intern: $6,900


Confirming your participation is easy

Please complete our simple Host Organization Interest Form. An HCC staff member will contact you to better understand your internship hosting needs and provide an overview of the hosting process.

You can also contact Huda Adem, Site Recruitment and Placement Manager, at, or (866) 579-4442 ext. 16.