HCC empowers undergraduate students and recent graduates to choose and successfully pursue health careers that best suit their talents and goals.We accomplish this by providing paid real world experience, exposure,  mentoring and networking.

We are a connector of health organizations, employers, and graduate schools with the talented, diverse future health leaders and professionals they need to meet their priority workforce, diversity, community health and project goals.

We offer a proven turn-key, comprehensive program

What We Do

HCC is the connection between undergraduate students and recent graduates and:

  • The experiences, resources, and mentoring they need to discover and make well-informed health career choices
  • Health organizations and employers seeking talented, diverse interns, staff and future health leaders and professionals
  • Graduate Programs in medicine, public health, nursing, law, business with qualified, diverse, experienced candidates.
  • Underserved communities in need of health professionals
  • Local, regional, and national health career pathway initiatives
  • Alumni and current interns to available jobs in our partner network


Our comprehensive Summer Internship Program provides undergraduates and recent college graduates with Practical Experience, Exposure, Mentoring, Professional Development, and Networking. During this time, HCC support interns’ professional development as they work on meaningful internship projects that address priorities of the host organization.


We are the connector of local talent to local organizations

  • Our
    Partners & Host Organizations

    HCC has partnered with over 300 health focused-organizations in nine regions across the country to provide invaluable experience, support and opportunities. Through an apprenticeship model preceptors and HCC staff mentor and guide interns, sharing their experiences and wisdom. HCC works with employers from all health sectors including:

    • Hospitals and health systems
    • Medical groups and physician management organizations
    • Health plans and HMOs
    • Public health departments
    • Community health centers
    • Advocacy organizations
    • Associations, consortia and coalitions
    • Consulting firms
    • Community based organizations
    • Foundations

    HCC also connects student to leading graduate school partners in public health, medicine, and health professions programs.


Who We Serve

HCC provides opportunity and support to people of all backgrounds and has priority emphasis on students of color, disadvantaged and first-generation students as they are dramatically underrepresented in the health professions. They also have valuable life experience, community and cultural knowledge and language skills that help organizations better serve our increasingly diverse and underserved populations. We seek candidates from all backgrounds who want to improve the health of underserved communities.

HCC supports students interested in:

Public health disciplines

  • Health services administration
  • Health policy and advocacy
  • Health education and behavior change
  • Environmental health
  • Epidemiology
  • Nutrition
  • Public Health Informatics

Related areas with a health focus

  • Health finance
  • Health information technology
  • Analysis of big data
  • Human Resources
  • Community health and health equity
  • Building healthy communities
  • Medicine, nursing, and dentistry combined with public health

Where We Work

HCC is a national non-profit which serves nine major regions across the United States